$175 shoes or are these ladies just label whores? Christian Louboutin, well-known for his crimson soles, has usurped Blahnik as the goto shoe god Blahnik is Number 2 with arriviste Jimmy Choo nipping at his heels. Is the Jessica Simpson knockoff of final season's scorching Louboutin 4 occasions inferior? We went to the experts: Leonard Simpson, CEO of the moderately priced Town shoes chain and its budget line The Shoe Company Debra Anissimoff, owner of upscale Zola Shoes and master shoe repairer Alphonso Gallo of Bay Bloor Shoe Restore Hand Baggage, 1240 Bay St. in rarefied Yorkville. So why does Louboutin charge $310 for espadrilles, which are basically rope and canvas? primary reason is simply because they say Christian Louboutin, Simpson says correct off the mark. is different but linen is linen. Rope is rope. Sure, he knocks off the very best. These $700 Blahniks will price $ninety in City Shoes and $fifty at The Shoe Business. How does he do it? Quantity. Simpson offers up a seminar on and soft costs. is a foot and a fifty percent of leather-based in an average closedup shoe. Leather-based sells for $one.fifty a foot for cheap, to $10 for great leather. The difference is $8, plus a sole, making a difference of $10 in billiga louis vuitton väska terms of components. The labour is 60 per cent of the price of the shoe. Then there is that cachet of in Italy Footwear developed by Blahnik are made in Italy with kidskin and calfskin from France and Italy. Less billiga nike air force 1 expensive shoes are massproduced in China, exactly where labour expenses are a lot reduce. China is much more of a player than usually known, billiga nike air force 1 dam Simpson contends. labour (cost) in Italy is 10 times higher. The workmanship in China is equal or better if they truly took the time. They send the higher (to China) and adhere it on a sole and connect the upper to the sole and it says Produced in Italy,' when all they really do is make the sole (in Italy). Nike shoe costs $7 to make in China and retails for $145 by the time they put on the soft costs. These men have to pay the designer and arrive up with new shapes and fittings. How do you put a cost on that? Mr. Blahnik has to make a lot of money for his title on the shoe. there are the promotion expenses. The names are a big ralph lauren outlet component of Nike. They pay $5 a pair to Michael Jordan. Compound that money: every degree ralph lauren online has to make a revenue. Make it, ship the shoe, sell the shoe to the distributor and to the middleman with a large markup to the distributor, who sells to the retailer. higher the price, the higher the markup simply because they don't sell as many, Simpson states. of the population spends $800 for a shoe. Blahnik has the higherpriced labour, a fancier store, so the profit has

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